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"I promise it won't be hard it"

I promise it won't be hard it all comes down to how effectively your liver is working now your liver has many functions but the two we want to focus on here are the breakdown of fats and the filtering partial substances from the blood if it's your liver shop to break down fat you want it working at full force right but when you're poor little liver is she busy trying its hardest to feel trapped all the harmful substances that are coming in from all those processed foods

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It have no time or energy for fat breakout just like if you had to pick jobs each day and you spent your whole day working on just one do you think the other would get done probably not the easiest solution to making sure that your liver has all the time it needs to break down fat to stop feeding it harmful substances to work on so what are some in this harmful substances things like artificial sweeteners high fructose corn syrup hydrogenated oils and even processed soy products it's just a second came these chemicals that are overwhelming your liver and have to stop eating them even if you think you may not be eating many of these chemicals there unfortunately

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