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"Reckless (Freestyle)"

[Verse 1: R.A.P.]
That bullshit you selling I ain't buying it
Talking reckless gets you the next name on my checklist
Don't give a fuck about none of that shit
Fuck with me you gonna be dead laying in your bed oh wait they call that a casket
Going off on this beat like it stole some expensive shit, from me
Three's Company when I kill your crew nothing left to do but fuck a nigga bitch and if he talk shit shoot him in his mouth until he spitting out bullets
Doing a trick on your bitch while she doing a trick on this dick
EJP, if you ask me Maggie been sucking D since day one she gone be sucking D in D.C. when she not with you she with me
And if you disagree come see me I'll make it clear to see if you still don't see you doing some mad LSD
Skater punk if you want me 2:23 don't be late
I hereby decree I'm the best MC to step on the mic since 2pac or Biggie
If you think you can beat me you must be smoking on some major weed
Got a need for speed as you can see and if you battle me then defeat is guaranteed
The shotty hit you like a stampede you're enlisted I'm elite now I kindly ask you to recede if you don't I'll proceed to shit on you excuse me
I get bitches you stay home and beat your meat fuck with me now you drowning in shit's creek
Waiting at your door so I can greet you with this heat compared to me you're a pip squeak EJP I won't be the slightest discreet
When I do the deed your life is complete so don't plead to me
And trust me it won't be neat when they put you on a sheet (off the morgue!) now you got a little tag on your feet that says you were gunned by the one and only R.A.P
But it don't have to end like that
If we reach an agree-ment you don't fuck with me and I'll only fuck your b on the week-ends
That's pretty reasonable to me

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