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The Roots

"Grand Return"

* only on international versions

[Hook: Wadud Ahmad + Dice Raw] + (Dice Raw)
The streets talk and they hear
And they watch, so stay clear
'cause they need, the streets feed
A street thief, and what they need
(So everybody
Get up [x7]
Get up [x7]
Everybody get up)

[Verse 1: Black Thought]
Uh, I get up
Read the mornin' paper, kiss my baby girl
Tell my lady friend I'm gone 'til I save the world
Jump in my Hot Rod wheel, lookin' super thorough
Rockin' a long black cape like the Duke of Earl
My cool don't drop, I spit where the future twirl
I smash glass in my hands to produce a pearl
I do the James on stage, then I do the [?]
You can tell I'm bonafide live, 'cause I'm too fo' real
So the truth prevail, I never fail
Ask me to key the blaze in the trail
I never tell, like the digits on the check in the mail
I give 'em hell with the clever rhymes
In the squad situated [?]
White on white shelltoes throwin' elbows
You wanna holla?
You can do the rebel yell, bro
I'm not concerned, when will y'all learn
Roots crew mothafuckas; it's the grand return


[Outro: Instrumental]

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