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The Roots

"No Alibi"

If you seen it or heard it, maybe probably I did it
Maybe or maybe not, I admit what I committed
Exhibit the truth, because I'm living proof why
I had no disguise trying to vocalize

[Verse 1: Malik B]
Dig it, look into my window, tell me what you see
The M-illitant school of philosophy
When niggas get dealt wit mental velocity
Connect my sentences and thoughts like apostrophes
You represent hypocrisy, it ain't no stopping me
Until I fulfill the term of my prophecy
My attitude is scarred by this inner-city urban
Iller dolo stress on my brain just like a turban
Who get grazed by the bullet? Triggers, who's quick to pull it?
The anti-bullshitter, Islamic extortioner
You're the forfeiter unfortunately
Niggas who wanna gyp me; I cause humidity so come and get me
I'm simply, the cat to lay back, I chill and watch you
The silent ninja, intends to injure, now I got you
Sanity was lost so now I'm found insane
I'm seeking streets to jeeps; hours, days, to weeks
I even speak to geeks, I hold my fortune, it's sweet
I'm discreet in the streets, but that's just the way I play though
I lay low, but over your head just like a halo
Hell's angel, these thoughts you cannot untangle
When I drop jewels, niggas, they wear them like a bangle
Check it out, one time for your mind like that

[Hook x2]
If you seen it or heard it, maybe probably I did it
Maybe or maybe not, I admit what I committed
Exhibit the truth, because I'm living proof why
I had no disguise, no verdicts no alibis

[Verse 2: Black Thought]
Dig it, look into my window tell me what you see
Lieutenant university of philosophy
While you not possibly escaping what I'm meditating
My shackle of thought tackle you while I'm educating
Your dome's resonating, from inhalation of darkness
As I spark the smart shit for which you’re waiting
Situatin' me at the top of the pile
Wild Delaware file, Pennsylvanian, sub-terranean style
Step up into my crevice and taste, the medicine of the champagne
King like Evelyn leaving you leveled and sabotaged
It's all camouflage like the devil and guns
And coke peddling, Olympic medaling flashback
That of a war veteran blast at
The programmer bringing lashes 'cross your back
On some accuracy of a brainwashed Bosnian troop
That swooped down through your roof without sound
On a lyrical Nat Turner mission, reacting off of intuition
Continuously alert, no intermission
If your ears hurt, you shouldn't listen
That means you artificial and my style'll poison your brain tissue
Gettin' maimed and crippled once the gamma rays hit you
My grains habitual and I should never go against
The ritual I've been mastering ever since
I was among the flavored youth, remain sharper than a saber tooth
My deliverance is self-evident
Vital, lyrical science (now)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Black Thought]
Who knows what you snorted? Or who support what you recording?
But don't get it distorted, in this orbit you're aborting
This authentic sort of shit's imported, exported
Styles, they get sported my paragraphs aortic
Behold, the illest medley lock you in the choke hold
Illadel epilogue, top league plus plush in Vogue
Slice tongues from your area code
Student of life, that's on the rugged exterior mode
Blind a devil with the bold black and gold shine
I walk the thin line and hold mine, let the people respond
It's mind detect mind, swine decline let the power refine
Build like it's 1999
In this day and time, the reptilian rooms, the sextillion tons
Your Armageddon gwan come from the sun
Untouchable cuts that's unclutchable for some
To overstand, so y'all sit back and wonder damn
I like to take this time to show you who I am
Original man, Black Thought, a.k.a. lieutenant
Malik B'll be the M-illitant
Known to vanish in the atmosphere
We up there like the stratus

[Hook x2]

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