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The Roots


Uh Mad mike in the buildin',take it

(Verse 1)
Hades is a stranger to heaven jesus walks weeps in hell for the loss of souls tell me what sells
On earth
Its dreams for cars
Its 9 o's for a jet
The heart left with scars
Stars with no light to share
All about darkness
Transient smiles on hookers
Makes me giggles
And lift skirts
To give birth to a monstrous
Breed breath fast
Exhale dust
Cos i beatdown
I tore up
I came up
Puttin clouds in apartments
And making you understand
Thats my department
Departure departing
So bye kiss hug her
Then a droplet down the cheek
I stare in the eyes off the devil
And tell him you ain't takin me
I'll bring buckets of ice to hell
To free greedy fools
That sold soul for rolls royce
And fucked gay boys
For expensive sh't
Like they ate diamonds
And deficated
Ruminant attitude
Consume green
Chase green
The bible was never welcomed
Smoke green
Then more green
Livin' on the ground is fuckin' seldom
Im a fuckin animal
Like bestiality
Report card average
Dad said no more games burn my cartridge
This shit had my blood risen
Like a fuckin' boner
Foreplay like nintendo64 with friends
Never knew like old
I was her second groom
Like the best man
Turn feelings
Momma in parie
With my sister healings
Was needed at all times
For the pain in my heart lived with me
Hospitalized like 9 times
Sickness was my friend
Cos in my childhood
Pics they told me i had sickness in em
The hood its a jungle
Where niqqas play monkeys
And claim to have your back
But its just a competition
To see who get payback to spray
Your back like white dudes tryna get a tan
Imma bust towards your crew chew
After i threw
Ripped out the needle
Niggas gtta grow up from videogames
To getting jerseys and playin real games
Im the sun of god
The sun of day
And the sun of Mr David Uche
These rappers fake chinese
Lines with lil' eyes
Claim they the shit put they just
Piss before my persona
I got the confidence of a stripper
But not strippin
Fuck these gay rappers
Boners over a justin bieber
I rap like a stoner
And rap like a stoner
Shoulda said it once to let you
Understand my pun nigga

Shotout to everybody i know,aight
(I told em)

(Verse 2)
My life is a circle these bitches
Roundabout ridin'
Im all about the paper
But love also exists
I cut through the whole crew
And take expensive tapes burn em
Fuck the cameras
Till the video white
Sterile thoughts
So i couldn't produce life
Till i sipped alil bit
Slit her wrist pain she felt
When i slipped dick in deeper
Than blood to a vain
Propane colour
When elevatin' to plain altitude
Attitude kinda grumpy
Multey anger with reaction
Of a strangler to y'all bitches
Im runnin' like in pitches
Stitchin' stitchin'
Im just using my pyshic
To tell ya what the doc gone do
After im all through
24/7 service like mc'deez'
On beats i serve the Mc flame
Eat it till you vomit the inner you
Fuse my lyrical and beats
Then i win over more than your
Absolute danger didn't you moma
Warn you from strangers
I dont fit to no stereotype
Im that rely on the credo type
Flow sicker than a cello fartin' melody
Bitin' nails till i loose fingers
Nervice when i had pull triggers
At a crowd of classmates
A herd of parents
And the principal with a straight face
Talent show needed my presence
Present with presents
These kids loved my santa flows
Im that tuck in shirt kid
With dirty vans and nazi haircut
But a mind wrecked like tony montana's mansion

(Thats what i told em),yeah

(Verse 3)
I payed alotta mind to masons
The lyrics is entitled to lordship
If they worship
Fire heat ability to burn
Ive been standin' in this fuckin' line
For too long i guess its my time
To go
Like the bus is here
Fear nobody but god caught
Up in the business with the root of evil
Guess it's a tooth that is risen when lies
Are spoken so blame it all on the
So blame it all on judas
Blame it all on michael
For killin all this fake and bringin'
Tribulations to their sleep
And open eyes time
Why Would i lie
When i have comfy chair
I fear nobody but eli
I love family and haters around here
Sleep less
I wake up
Oh i never
Cold weather she resemble
Smoothie degrees
I kneel to society
But i get stoned like they hate me

Im out

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