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The Roots

"Root of My Evil"

I used to feel less important than orphans now endorphins have morphed him into a walking endorsement. She said I'm cocky until I showed her my cock she understand why I'm walking the block wit a chip on my shoulder stop
Would you rather get hit wit a brick or a boulder watch. Look at my golden watch. That ain't from rap money I make magnetic moves I know money attract money. Slow money or fast money. No one can match sonny. That's grandma said before she drop dead right when she heard that 2Pac did to. Who shot who. They're only called Assassinations. if it occurred outside of the ghetto. A murder is a murder and a sin is a sin so I take it on the chin til I resemble Jay Leno. Then it's time for action. NO muthafucka out there can match my outcast attire man I'm out there. You know like Pluto. Hoppin on the base making hits like Pujols. Trouble when hear the treble flip like judo. Stick like glue tho. Kudos to those who view those hurdles in life like girdles they might hold it back gravity will make yo fiction turn fact. Realysm Dope depicter that. Black Porsches. Manifested my dreams. so I now I want what I seen. Ima sit wit my team. And draft a blueprint clean like im architecting . What you are detecting Is interest on my account they r Checking so Im Saving my best for last. Like before I go to eat it I bless that ass. Like the more I go I see that I'm just as fast. Need to sip on Johnny blue I mean just a glass
I been laying off the weed. Laying into to beats like a disciplinarian. Check my specs. Very Librarian. Books on deck. Novels on the mind. Virgin to the rap game that's why I'm on the grind. Get it. Hang up. Cuz now I'm on the line. Hooks comin out my mouth like a trout caught by a fisherman who ain't throwing this one in. Again. I do it for love. But when love leaves I won't do it for much. More than cheese. Obligations are a crutch. I'm only dominated if I self destruct. I have no true competitors got the editors singing like Etta James when try to explain just how I measure up. You gon need a long ruler I'm the ruler I proceed to drop gems like im a clumsy jeweler. Born in may but I'm an April fooler. Everyday I'm tryna make this mulah maneuver so I can make it go round like hula. hoops on the earlobe. To see unity we had to see ground zero. First. But I ain't goin out in no regular Hearse. I want rims on that bitch. I want TV's. I want snakeskin seats and bullet proof armor so when the sniper try to ice my fam It sound like bb's. raining off the windows. That never shatter. Dreams do but not mine so it doesn't matter. See u. got chapters but it doesn't add up. To a book thy anybody wanna read shaddup. Silencio is the best defense you know so I move in a calculated step nothing whimsical. I see tweetin in hopes to get you a re-tweet. Sendin duplicates never knowin that we see you a microwave rap ass nigga u need a reheat. Before u go on a mission u need a debrief. U never really was a baller u was d3. I dictate my ETA these days by size of the check. And u kno crime pays. But the odds are wreck and the outcome lays in the hands man so no doubt I pray. To no one in particular. Some says it ridiculous. Watch the man slaughter beats like vehicular. What's the point of droppin knowledge when no one will pick it up. Maybe ill go back to college with a gun and stick em up
Tell em give me a degree and one day I will big em up. When I make enough from music. And turn away from politics. In entertainment. People sell they soul and swallow dicks. I can't explain it. On some showtime at Apollo. The world is tainted. Because it far too many followers. I killed this but won't matter how real this is. The appeal how good your appearance is. Sign a deal and pay for all your clearances. How u feel u can't even have a meal and shit. Without a fan tellin u that feel ya shit. Without ya family suin u for a million shit. Got a Brazilian chick. And a house wit gates tryna conceal ya whips. Don't u wanna blend in. Chameleon shit. Sometimes. I wonder. Am I gifted or cursed. Among the. people walking this earth. The hunger. Can't be satisfied by just eatin it heavy consequence breathing the air that we done put there. I really don't but I should care. I'm only here. Temporarily. Realysm til they bury me

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