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Immortal Technique Lyrics

Life In Black & White (2014)

As He Goes On... (CD Retail Version) (2010)

The Money Shot (2009)

Chorus Rhyme (2007)

Fuck Tha Government (2007)

Orange Moon Over Brooklyn (2005)

John Henry's Revenge (2004)

Breaking Records (2003)

Back to the Grill, Again: "Live(r) at the Barbecue" (2002)

Beautiful Mind (2002)

Imperial Wrecks (2002)

Universal News / Tenement Building & Keepin' It Raw (2001)

DJ GI Joe Live, Vol. I


The 13 Amendments

The 360 deal

The Silenced Revolution

What Hip Hop Is (Documentary)

Other Songs

"Tim Westwood Crib Session" Freestyle
...And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun
2nd Amendment
Adios Uncle Tom (Skit)
Angels & Demons
Angels of Death
Apocalypse Remix
Arm Yourself
Audio Technician
Beef and Broccoli
Belly of the Beast
Bin Laden
Bin Laden (Remix)
Black Vikings
Boikott Israel
Brooklyn Academy
Burn This
Caught in the Hustle
Chorus Collection
CIA Murdered Me
Civil War
Creation & Destruction
Crimes of the Heart
Crossing the Boundary
Dance with the Devil
Death March
Démocratie Fasciste Article 4
Dominant Species
Drugs Is Drugs
Drugs Is Drugs (Remix)
Eyes In The Sky
Field Nigga Boogie (XLR8R Remix)
Fight Until the End
Freedom of Speech
Fuck Tha Government
Fucked Up for life
Fullest Extent
G4 Freestyle
Golpe de Estado
Goonies Never Die
Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Streets
Hidden Track
Hip hop speach
Hok 2 Remix
Hollywood Drive By
Homeland And Hip-Hop
Impeach The President
In Da Club Freestyle
In The Trenches
In Time (Remix)
Industrial Revolution (Clean)
Industrial Revolution (Dirty)
Industrial Revolution (Instrumental)
Internally Bleeding
Keepin' It Raw
Land of the Gun
Land of The Gun
Leaving The Past
Lick Shots
Lion Dens Freestyle
Locked Up Freestyle
Lose Yourself Freestyle
Mark Of The Beast
Modern Day Slavery
Moment of Peace
Natural Beauty
Never Know Why
No Me Importa
No Mercy
Nuclear Medicinemen
One (Remix)
Open Your Eyes
Parole (Evil Genius Mix)
Peruvian Cocaine
Peruvian Cocaine (Clean)
Peruvian Cocaine (Instrumental)
Positive Balance
Razor Blade Death Sticks
Rebel Arms
Reverse Pimpology
Revolutionary (Intro)
Rich Man's World (1%)
Runnin Away
Running Nowhere
Sign Of The Times
Speak Your Mind
Stand Still
Street Hustle
Stronghold Grip
Take Hip-Hop Back
That's What It Is
The 3rd World
The 4th Branch
The Cause Of Death
The Devil's Maze
The Getaway
The Illest
The Louisiana Purchase
The Martyr
The Message and the Money
The Other White Meat
The People Are Shit
The Point of No Return
The Poverty Of Philosophy
The Prophecy
The Rebel
The War Against Us All
This American Life
Toast to the Dead
Top of the Food Chain
Top of the Food Chain (Remix)
Últimas Palabras
Understand Why
Voices of the Voiceless
War is my Destiny
Watch Out (Freestyle)(Third World Remix)
Watchout RMX
What Hip Hop Is
You Never Know
Young Lords
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