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Agnes Obel Lyrics

Funny Looking Angels (2011)

Other Songs

Aventine (Deezer Session)
Avenue - Piano Sessions
Brother Sparrow
Brother Sparrow - Piano Sessions
Chord Left
Close Watch
Close Watch - Live in Copenhagen
Falling, Catching
Fuel to Fire
Fuel to Fire (Deezer Session)
Just So
Just So - Piano Sessions
Katie Cruel - Live in Copenhagen
Louretta - Live in Copenhagen
On Powdered Ground
On Powdered Ground - Brandt, Brauer, Frick Reinterpretation
On powdererd Ground - Piano Sessions
Over the Hill
Pass Them By
Philharmonics - Live in Copenhagen
Riverside (Lulu Rouge Remix)
Run Cried the Crawling
Run Cried The Crawling (Deezer Session)
Smoke & mirrors - live in copenhagen
Sons & daughters - piano sessions
Sons And Daughters
The Christmas Song
The Curse
The Curse - Cloud Boat Rework
Words Are Dead
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