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[Intro: Cassidy]
Yeah! I go by the name of Cassidy!
I’m gonna sing a rap song about violence, cause that’s what I see
I mean everybody’s violent
And sometimes I’m even violent in my self
Violence is at the all-time high
But sometimes I get high and just imagine
What if the Earth was at peace?

[Hook: Cassidy]
Imagine if you never had to box no more
Never had to use your gun and run from cops no more
You can stop the violence, stop the war
No more beef out in the street,I’m talking about peace
Imagine that you would never had to fight no more
Never had to use your knife and take a life no more
And you could stop the violence, stop the war
No more beef out in the street, I’m talking about peace

[Verse 1: Cassidy]
Every day I try to imagine, but can’t fathom
A world with no looting, and no shoot, and no stabbing
Cause people were evil, since Eve and Adam
Make Abel and Cain, so it’s not gonna be able to change
I’ll let you know and It’ll never get better yo
If you try and live in peace, you gotta go to heaven, yo
You’ll never know where you’re going, you gotta die first
On God's Earth, everybody sin, but some guys worse
Then others, I think all brothers should try church
You straight if you got faith, that’s how God work
You still comprehend the Lord if you buy work
And buy guns cause we’re still all God’s sons

[Hook: Cassidy]

[Verse 2: Cassidy]
Why is it war, why is it hatred
We need it, that’s the reason why Satan was created
Moses was a murderer but he was God’s favorite
My gun goes straight off, but prayers still pay off
Imagine if Adolf never discriminated
And Martin Luther King was never assassinated
Imagine if Malcolm X would have made it
And Nelson Mandela was never incarcerated
America was never segregated
And crooks like George W. Bush, never graduated
Some kids look at gangsta movies and their fascinated
And try to do the same shit or some lame shit

[Hook: Cassidy]

[Verse 3: Cassidy]
I’m from a hood where good niggas dying too much
I’m from a block where they popping off the iron too much
People crying too much, from the stress they see
We got to make a change and we got to make it A.S.A.P
No, I ain’t graduated, take the S.A.T
But I knew right from wrong when I was writing this song
Even the strongest men have the right to be wrong
And the weakest men might become strong, if he work it out

[Hook: Cassidy]

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