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Alela Diane Lyrics

Take Us Back (2009)

Songs Whistled Through White Teeth (2006)

Other Songs

About Farewell
Age Old Blue
Alder Trees
Amidst the Movement
Before the Leaving
Black Sheep
Bowling Green
Brown Dirt
Can You Blame the Sky
Can You Blame the Sky? (Mother's Love)
Clickity Clack
Clickity Clak
Colorado Blue
Crying Wolf
Dry Grass & Shadows
Dry Grass and Shadows - Live
Ether & Wood
Every Path
Foreign Tongue
Gypsy Eyes
Hazel Street
Heartless Highway
Heavy Walls
I Have Returned
I Thought I Knew
Lady Divine
Long Way Down
Lost Land
Matty Groves
Mother's Love
My Brambles
Nothing I Can Do
Of Many Colors
Oh! My Mama
Pieces of String
Pigeon Song
Quiet Corner
Rising Greatness
Rose & Thorn
Sister Self
Slow Your Dancing
Something's Gone Awry
Take Us Back
Take Us Back (acoustic demo)
Take Us Back (alternate version)
Tatted Lace
The Cuckoo
The elder trees
The Ocean
The Pirate's Gospel
The Rifle
The Sun Today
The Tree
The Way We Fall
The Wind
Tired Feet
To Be Still
To Begin
Up North
White As Diamonds
White Horse
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