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[Intro: WordPlay T.JAY]
[Hook: WordPlay T.JAY]
Bubble Gum, Bubble butts
Let me see if you can pop that
Girl I’m blowing up
Let me see if you can pop that
I said, Girl I’m blowing up
Let me see if you can pop that
Yeah, girl I’m blowing up
Let me see if you can pop that, yeah
[Verse 1: WordPlay T.JAY]
Busting through your mainframe
Look in my direction when the game changes
I ain’t staring at the same stages
Trying to figure out why you’re maintaining
Damn, Daniel
Kicking things off like a damn sandle
Ya boy’s on the boards like a Van’s handle
Fans ramble
Spit in this heat like a damn camel
I can never elevate with the same flow
Everybody wants me on the main though
Why you never wanna let your mane grow
Always looking sad like a Van Gogh
Dang bro, I don’t stop
I got a few gears but idle’s not
Tell me cut it out but I don’t chop
Ain’t no reason for me doing this if I don’t pop
[Verse 2: Futuristic]
Bubble butts in my section
Realest nigga my reflection
Sheesh world without
Go hard like an erection
It’s Futuristic, fuck your past
Unless we already fucked, then it’s fuck you pass
Peach Ciroc in my cup or glass, I smack that ass
With a stack, the only time I let her touch the cash
I might pull up in a Range Rover
Big Pimping like my name Hova
You frowned upon like a gay soldier
This is takeover, 8 shows in 7 days I can’t stay sober
Damn I got a hangover
Chain smoker, did a show with the Chain Smokers
A couple bitty’s in your city tryna stay over
I got her moist and that ain’t lotion
She got a body that’ll make Fetty Wap’s eyes stay open
[Verse 3: WordPlay T.JAY]
She just pop it
Don’t need a Mac just to get my logic
Need to see it bounce like hot checks
Fanning the heat like a fresh Hot Pocket
See my broadcast, to get my success
Love them hips, when you wear that sundress
Tryna get it wet like a t-shirt contest
I’m here to see it drop like a beach at sunset
Love that nothing is above that
You can sit it on down like a touch back
If you ready for the summer don’t cuff that
We already fly with it don’t bus back
WordPlay and I’m getting cheese
And I never hit the trap, but I hit them keys
Girls worldwide wanna be a tease
Saying that’s my song when they shake them cheeks
[Hook: 2x]

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