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Gang Starr

"Belly of the Beast"

[Woman's voice]
Bobby.. Bobby.. Bobby.. Digital.. Digital.. Digital..
Bobby.. Bobby.. Bobby.. Digital.. Digital.. Digital..

[Bobby Digital]
{*makes that DOODOODOODOO noise over woman's voice*}
Bobby Bobby.. yo..
Belly of the beast, belly of the beast
Yo, yo

The murderous assault catapault lyrics from the vault
The exalted chief annointed, flows double jointed
Ointment of disappointment, opponents can't pinpoint it
The moment of microphone mystics, merciless meticulous
Verses disperse the tricks from the surface
Expose those who real and whose nervous
I'm killin your urges, I'm determined
To inject my serum, to your eardrums
Then swell them up, it's the merciless
Galactic tactics, of microphone harassment
Impregnates your brain to give your head piece contractions
Rebirth the thought, Wu-Tang can't be played short
We import and export, uncut dope from New York
Like Nate who sold weight, between Monroe and Gates
Half-ounce to big cake slice to his lowest price rate
Had a deathcase at the weekend when his cousin used to freebase
A high speed chase and Gods waved in his face

Trapped up inside the belly of the beast got to break loose
Bobby unleashes, the craziest shit
Fuck the world fuck the peace it's..
Trapped up in the belly of beast, we gotta break loose
Bobby unleashes, fuck the bloodshed
Yo slugs to your head, you won't make it past me

Hell.. I'm gettin sick
I bugged the fuck out when DMX fucked Taral Hicks
Make me wanna jerk my dick, jerk jerk jerk..
Jerk jerk, and bust the fuck off on the next ho's skirt
E.M.I., I'm wild like G.I., Joe - Magnum P.I
Or niggas from C.I., on the B drinkin Knee-High
Alpha Phi, Sigma guy, NeoGeo, fuck the C.O. or the P.O
I'm wild like the Lion Leo
It's a K.O. fuck a J-O.. B
I'm an emcee, D-M-D, W-T-C, B-C, G-P, REC posse's all in me
Live on TV.. you see the B.. O-B-B.. Y.. D-I.. G-I.. T.. A-L
Can never go to jail by NY..PD
F.I.C, try to hold my money hostage
From my last deposit was one mill'
Bobby Steels gettin ill

Still, trapped up in the belly of the beast
Fuck the world, fuck the beast
Bobby unleashes, masterpieces
When I'm trapped in the belly of the beast
And bring the war, and say fuck the beast!
What should I do?
{*makes that DOODOODOODOO noise*}

Aiyyo yo you got Bobby Steels
Goin Digital Digital..

[Havoc] Aiyyo check this out this is Havoc from Mobb Deep
Representin New York
[ODB] Knahmsayin? This from the Dirty Dog
Knahmsayin? Word is bond
[Les] Yeah yeah yeah, whattup baby
It's the World's Famous Beatnuts
(Wake Up +EVERYBODY+ knahmsayin? Tune in right now)
[Sadat] Yo this Sadat X the Wild Cowboy with a lot of style boy
[ODB] Y'all motherfuckers know I keep it real
One love my nigga...

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