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Gang Starr

"Canibus Freestyle"

(Mr. Canibus won't you funk it up for a while)

I'm a nuclear warhead, right now you're provoking my detonation
Never test me without proper authorization
My lack of patience will cause me to get mad
And explode right in front of your face like an airbag
Your rhyme is fake, your brain is child's play to manipulate
I create lyrics too intricate to imitate
Moving at a velocity, that'll break your stop-watch if you're clocking me
My concrete jungle is like Jumanji
But iller than what you seen in the cinema
A five foot eight nigga with more horsepower than twelve cylinders
My brain consists of twin Pentium chips
That's double the clock speeds of a 5-86
And nothing about my physical matrix is basic
I kick flavor beyond what your tongue is capable of tasting
You'll be so surprised you won't believe your own eyes
It's like explaining color to a man that was born blind
One of a kind, I got divine chromosomes in me
My sperm will scramble the eggs in a women's ovaries
'Cause I'm as original as it gets
And I can't respect, niggas that copy like double-decks
I get vexed when crab punks bite my style
'Cause I'm selling a thousand records per day, per square mile
Breaking the laws of physics, wit metaphors and lyrics
Speaking to dead poets by conjuring up they spirits
From Shakespeare to Edgar Allen
Yo, the whole Dead Poets Society couldn't mess around with the talent
Much less understand it
I make tight-rope walkers in the circus lose they balance when I kick the planet

*"ooohs" and "aahhs"*

Yo yo, microphones are smokin right now
World Famous Wake-Up Show
Jurassic 5, Canibus

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