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Gang Starr

"Perverted Monks in tha House (Skit)"

[Production by Jeru the Damaja & DJ Premier]

[Jeru the Damaja]
One two, one two
It's time for the sun toucher
Jeru the Damaja, the original Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
You know what i'm saying?
And we be on the microphone doing lyrical Kung-Fu
Any man who dare's challenge us will be destroyed
You know what i'm saying?
The perverted Monks in tha house!
The poisonous, taking over..know what i'm saying
Any man,any man
No matter who he be, come step to us
Get done in
We have it locked down
We"ve studied the manuscript for year's and year's and year's
You can't deal with it, there's nothing you can do

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