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Gang Starr

"Sure Shot Singles: Da Lench Mob – Guerrillas In The Mist"

”Guerrillas In The Mist”
Production: Ice Cube

Straight outta South Central and giving up the real on race relations in Amerikkka, come JD, T-Bone and Shorty. And while they are known to millions as Ice Cube’s backup men, this explosive release proves that they can definitely carry a record on their own.

     Over a chaotic, noise track worthy of Ice Cube himself (he gets on the mic for a second) and a dope X-Clan sample, Da Mob gives you the 411 on the jungle. Hastily delivered lyrics draw effective parallels between city life, guerrilla warfare and survival in the ghetto. “Swinging on a vine/Sucking on a piece of swine/Jigaboo come up from behind/Hit him with a coconut stab him in his gut. . .” and “Just like EPMD/I don’t like a bitch named J to the A/To the N-E.” In ’92, Da Lench Mob is definitely not tolerating Tarzan types.

     This is just the tip of the iceberg, the forthcoming LP will have Ice Cube adding his part to the fire.

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