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Gang Starr

"Unsigned Hype: Poetical Prophets"

The unsigned flavor of the month came unquestionably from the dynamic duo of MCs, Prodigy and Havoc, better known as the Poetical Prophets. Straight outta Queens, New York, these two little 5’3” sixteen year olds are fast making a big name for themselves in talent shows and radio stations in the New York area.

     Yes they’re young, and they look even younger, but understand that this is no ABC. Poetical Prophets rhyme from the hardcore perspective of two little street soldiers who like to bug out, puff blunts, and sip forties. Peep the lyrical flavor: “Baby Grand Puba/ Little Rick the Ruler/ And in my pocket is a crazy fat bag of Buddha.” The beats, produced by an un-named associate from Coney Island, are hooked up kinda lovely too.

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