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"Somewhereinamerica Freestyle"

Submachine lean when you kick it
Screams when you hit him
Knee deep in religion
When you realize how they did him
Bring a tear to your eye
When you realize you been killed whether you live or die
Please for the preacher
Free for the leaching
Need for healing
If he woulda walked on a different path he would've still been breathin

Die with your eyes open
Close the casket on that ass
Wrap the body in linens
Decay faster if you trash

Look at young Trayvon
You don’t think they off
Zimmerman done killed a man
Ain’t even get a day off
9 milli point blank range
He wouldn’t stay off
Jury blind to the fact
If you ask, I think they Ray Charles
I say y’all
Kick the shit
I used to play ball
That's racial injustice
Tell the Rush Limbaugh's stay off
You tongue kiss an AR
To all of you that play hard
If you think life a game then you won't make the playoffs

Troy Davis in the ground right now
See all free squares, you look around right now
Casey Anthony
Case baffled me
The Past’ll be the pastor’s siege
Sadly masked the man in me
That murder was a masterpiece
These same bastards be
Backing greed for philanthropy
It’s like a room full of phlebotomists, somebody has to bleed
All these blood suckers
All these butt touchers
Only wood was the gavel
Now the man’ll nunchuck chuck us
Doesn’t help that these dumb fuckers
Keep perpetuating ignorance
If you want to build an army
First you start diligence
Delivered this
With my deliverance
My shit infamous
Infinite in lyrics
Rhythmic vocal instruments

Why they can’t see it my way sometimes
I just wanna feel like I’m on top one time
Pray to God it change
But it gets no better
Dollar to my name
Can’t get no pleasure
Constricted by my failures to the point I can’t breath
Tried to get away but there’s no escaping me
There’s no escaping me

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