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"April Fools"

Whats the talk about
I don't even fuck with you

Talk 'bout me?
I don't notice you

It's Metro Boomin on the beat, *trails off*

[Hook: SD]
What's the talk about
Boy you know I don't fuck with you, (fuck 'em)
What's the talk about
You know I got my gun, I'll shoot
What's the talk about
Nigga, fuck what you gon' do, (fuck 'em)
What's the talk about
Nigga, let your shooters shoot, (turn up)

Boy, I know I don't fuck with you, (fuck 'em)
I knew that it was something to you, (aye)
You ain't a shooter, April fools, (turn up)
Stop trying boy, I'll make a move

[Verse 1: SD]
You ain't a shooter, April fools
Stop trying boy, I'll aim and shoot
I'm loading 'till I make the news
These drugs, they [?]
What's the talk about, nigga, fuck what you gon' do
Wh - what's the talk about, you know I keep my pistol too
I fuck bitches by the dozen, cause of their attitude
And get money by the hour, show no gratitude
What's the talk about, nigga, I love bitches too
I make bitches fuck each other, [?]
Ain't no "talk it out," nigga, we could rather shoot
Sneak dissing, boy, get your ass turned to soup


[Verse 2: SL Jones]
Trap, trap, trap, trap, taking risks and profiting
Spray your block like, boom, boom, boom, boom, look at what that choppa did
Shorty told me I ain't shit, I took it as a compliment
You so busy pocket watching, all you got is pocket lint
Hard to follow, slow dimension
All I want is dope for Christmas
Jonesy, you a trap God, I should have my own religion
Made myself a boss, then I gave myself a raise
She asked me for some money, all I gave her was some game, (yikes!)
What's the talk about if money ain't the conversation?
I ain't got to say a word to make a fashion statement
You'd be the realest nigga standing if I took a seat
My shooters like the NBA, they got a quick release
Whip it in a pan
It's jumping back 10
Caught up in that rush, I would call it Jackie Chan
Y'all niggas ain't no killers, y'all niggas some hoes
Real niggas ride or die together, dig us a hole, (yeah)
What's the talk about it's family first, we not related
Them people's asking you some questions, you cooperated
What's the talk about, you never spoke when I was broke
I got so many
They giving me plenty
I know that they want it
And I got it all!


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