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Project Pat Lyrics

Hood Hero (2018)

M.O.B. (2017)


Never Say Never Again (2017)

Parts Unknown (2016)

Street God 2 (2016)

Street God 3 (2016)

The Knowing Chronicles [Remastered] (2016)

Black $uicide Side C: The Seventh Seal (2015)

East Atlanta Santa 2: The Night GuWop Stole X-Mas (2015)

G​.​R​.​E​.​Y​.​G​.​O​.​D​.​S. (2015)

KILL YOURSELF Part II: The Black Suede Saga (2014)

Sincerely Yours 1.5 (2014)

Long Overdue (2013)

Belly On Full 2 (2012)

Loud Pack (2011)

Streets Hottest Youngin' (2011)

Real Recognize Real (2009)

Prophet's Greatest Hits (2007)

Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story (2006)

Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story (2006)

Most Known Hits (2005)

The Blackness (2003)

Laying Da Smackdown (2002)

Bay Bay Day

Cheez N Dope 4


Layin Da Smackdown / Hypnotize Minds Limited Edition CD

Layin' Da Smack Down (Bonus CD)

Laying Da Smackdown (Bonus CD)


Prophet's Greatest Hits

The New Kanye

Other Songs

2 Dollar Niggas
2 Dollar Niggaz
201 Phone Call (Skit)
30 Inches
9 Piece
90 Days
93 Premium
Aggravated Robbery
Ain't Allowed Where I'm From
Ain't Shit For Free
Ass Clap
Ass Clap (Remix)
Ballers (Remix)
Ballers / Outro Cash Money Mix
Bang Bang, Smack Smack
Bare Face Robbem
Be A G
Beef On The Low
Been Gettin' Money
Bitch Smackin' Killa
Bitch Talking Bad
Blacked Out (feat. Project Pat & Damas)
Blunt To My Lip
Body Parts
Bone Ready
Bounce It Like A Ball
Bout My Money
Bout the South
Break Da Law 2001
Breaking News
Burn Me A Nigga
Cali High
Cancel Her
Cash In A Rubberband
Catch a Hot One
Cause I'm a Playa
Chain Dumbin'
Cheech & Chong
Cheese And Dope
Chicken Head
Choose U
Choppa Choppa Down (Remix)
Come Up Off Of That
Counting Money
County Jail
Crack A Head
Crash Da Clubs
Crash Out
Crash Out Cheez Dope
Cut Throat
Da Carjack
Dat Chick
Dead Guys
Deep in the Hood
Denna Bitch
Die a Soldier
Dirty Bitch
Dirty Game
Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe
DJ Scream Intro
DJ Scream Outro
Do It
Dollar Signs (Remix)
Don't Bite The D
Don't call me no mo
Don't Save Her
Don't Save Her (Video/Radio Remix)
Don't Turn Around
Dope Boy
Dope Talk Interlude
Drank And That Strong
Drive By
Easily Executed
Elbow a Nigga
Elvis Presley BLVD (Remix)
Elvis Presley Blvd.
Everything Louie
Everywhere I Go
Feed the Streets
Feelin' Real Pimpish
Feeling Faded
Felt The Pain
Finish Line
First 48
Fiya Dope
Fiyayaya Weed
Flippin N Stackin
Freaky Before
Fuck a Bitch
Fuck Dat Nigga
Fuck Naw
Fuck That Nigga
Fuck You Pay Me
Fuckin Wit the Best
Fuckin' With The Best
Full of Everything
Gang Signs
Gel & Weave
Get Down
Get Loose
Get Me Some Money
Get Paid (Remix)
Get That Up Off Ya
Get Ya Rob
Getting Cash
Ghetto Type Broad
Ghetty Green
Gold Shine
Good Googly Moogly
Good weed
Gooned Up
Gorilla Pimp
Gotta Stay Strapped
Grew Up
Gucci Skully
Hate Me
Hate My Swag
He Say She Say
High Off The Ground
Hoe Check II (Album Mix)
Hollywood Bay Bay Ambassador Interlude 1
Hollywood Bay Bay Ambassador Interlude 2
How it Goes in the Gutta
Hunnit Thousand
Hypnotize Minds/Profit Posse
I Ain't Goin' Back to Jail
I Ain't Going Back To Jail
I Ain't Payem Shit
I Ain't Seen Shit
I Ain't Worried
I Aint Lyin
I Don't Need You
I Don't Play With Guns
I Get da Chewin'
I Got It On Me
I Keep That
I Like To Smokeaaa
I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel III
I Wonder
I'm Gutta Brah
I'm In This club
I'm Mo
I.T. Pimpin
If You Aint From My Hood
Imma Get Me Sum
Is You Kiddin Me
Jack One
Kansas City / Drug Runner
Keep It 1 Hunnit
Keep It Hood
Kelly Green
Kick Door
Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass
Kush Ups
Land of the Lost
Leave Me Alone
Left'em Dead
Let's Ride Nigga
Life We Live
Life We Live (feat. Namond Lumpkin & Edgar Fletcher)
Like a Pimp (Remix)
Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)
Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)(Promo Only clean edit)
M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Remix)
Ma$k & da Glock
Make A Sell
Make Dat Azz Clap (Back Clap)
Make Dat Azz Clap (Back Clap) - Explicit Album Version
Makin Plays
Mane Wattt
Married To The Game
Mask Up
Me & U
Memphis Cakalac Oakland
MF U Niggas
Mission Impossible
Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin [Tracklist + Album Art]
Money Mane (Remix)
Money Weed Blow
Mouth Write a Check
Move Mutha Fucka - 1402056
Murder, Robber
Murderers & Robbers
Naw, Bruh
Never Be A G
Never Be A G (Remix)
Never Too Much Money (Remix)
Nigga Got Popped
Niggas Bleed Like I Bleed
Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
Nine to Yo Dome
No Heart, No Love
No Mirage
No Role Modelz
North Memphis
North Memphis Like Me
North North
North, North Part 2
North, North Pt. 2
O.G. Intro
O.G. Talk 1
O.G. Talk 2
O.G. Talk 3
Ocean $ide $uicide
OJ & Hennessy
Old Ways
On Nigga
Ooh Nuthin'
Out There
Out There Part 2 (Skit)
Papers And Cups
Pill Popper
Pills, Weed And Pussy
Pint Of Lean
Pistol And A Scale
Pogo Stick
Poppin My Collar (Remix)
Poppin' Beans
Poppin' My Collar
Posse Song
Pretty Fine Stripper
Pro Nails
Project Hoes
Prophet Posse
Pull A Move
Pure Anna
Purple featuring Beanie Sigel
Purple Kush
Purple Ranger [$ippin Donatello with Captain Ginyu Y2K Remix]
Purple Stuff (Remix)
Puttin Hoez On Da House
Rack Racin
Raised in the Projects
Raised In The Projects [Clean]
Ratchet Bitch Skit
Real Killas Don't Talk
Real Talk Interlude
Red Rum
Relax And Take Notes
Represent It
Ridin on chrome
Ridin Swervin
Ridin' Clean
Ridin' On Chrome
Right Back
Rinky Dink II / We're Gonna Rumble
Rinky Dink/Whatever Ho
Roll Wit It
Roll Wit It
Roll With It
Rollin Dank
Rubber Bands
Rubberband Me
Rude Boy
Run a train
Run Up
Sarcophagus II
Sarcophagus III
Saucin X Bossin (ft
Save Her
Scorpion Death Drop
Scrape It
See You Fall
Self Made
Shake That Ass
Shine Blockas (Remix)
Shot On Whole Hoods
Show Dem Golds
Shut Ya Mouth, Bitch
Side 2 Side
Side 2 Side (clean)
Side 2 Side (Reissue Remix)
Side 2 Side (Remix)
Sippin' on Some Syrup
Sippin' on Some Syrup (Purple Punch Remix)
Ski Mask
Slangin' Butta
Slangin' Rocks
Smoke and Get High
Smoked out, Loced out
Smoked Out, Loced Out
Smokin My Lungs Out
Smokin Out
So Hi
So Hi (feat. Lord Infamous)
Stay Down
Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)
Stick Up
Still Got It
Still Got That Work
Still Here
Still Hustlin'
Still Ridin' Clean
Street God [Intro]
Sucks on Dick
Take Sum
Talk That Talk
Talkin' Smart
Tell Tell Tell (Stop Snitchin')
That Drank
Them O's
They Don't Fuck Wit U
This Ain't No Game
This is Personal
This Pimp
Time To Eat
Trap Boom
Try Somethin'
Trying To Get A Dollar
Tunnel Vision
Twerk It
U Claimin' You're Real
U Know Where I'm at Boy
U See We Poe
Ugh Ugh Ugh
Une balle dans la tête
Une balle dans la tête (Grosmachindeguerre Remix)
Up There
Wanna Get High
Wanna Get High (Remix)
Wat U Talkin Bout
Watch Money Fall
We 'Bout To Ride
We 'Bout to Ride
We Ain't Playin'
We Ain't Scared Ho
We Ain't Scared Hoe
We All Strapped
We Can Get Gangsta
We Don't Play About Rubberbands
We're Gonna Rumble
We're Gonna Rumble
Weak Niggaz
Weed And Hennessy
Weed Smoke
Weed Smoke (Remix)
What Cha Starin At
What Money Do
What Money Do [Clean]
What You Lookin' For
What You Said
Whatever Ho
Where da Killaz Hang
Who Da Buckest
Who Got Dem 9's
Who the Crunkest
Who We Be
Who you think you foolin
Whole Lotta Weed
Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Ho
Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Hoes
You Know the Biss
You Like
You Need Haters
{Nada Here}
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