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One Be Lo

"S.S.A. (Double Essay's)"

Secret Service agent
Surely slowing aging
Shooting suckers amazing
Super Soaker aiming
Silent skill assassin
Surfers say I’m awesome
Still slamming anybody
Stone Steve Austin
Sorta sour apple
Spitting slang at you
Senim Silla's anthem
Stealing shows in action
Sixty seconds and
Sexy shorties admire
Somebody should acquire
Sixty-seven amplifiers
Silky smooth adult
Soak in soapy aloe
Storm shadow attacking
Swinger swords ample
(What's your name?)
Soldier solo army
Stop shooting archery
Shell shocked armory
Skill symbolize artillery
Scratch sniff activated
Sensory super auxiliary
Some sail away
South Sydney Australia
Souvenir shops always
See some aliens
Solar system apparatus
Scale stratus atmosphere
Scary Spielberg actress
Soul sister Asian
Sweet sixteen adolescent
Sweatshop accommodations
So So amazing
So So Amazing

You think they gonna feel that one or what?

[Scratching/sample of "If you ask me they goin' out ass backwards"]

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