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"16 Bar Rally"

[Verse 1: Wiley]
Why do you think that you're hyper?
My flow's hench like Hyper
Eskiboy, R6 bike rider
I'm on the roads, I'm the east-side rider
In the dance, your girl, I'm behind her
And I'll give you a grand if you find her
It's all good brother, she ain't a minor
I won't get hurt, I'm a ten-timer
I'm the prince of one-liners
And I push my body in vaginas
E3 kids, we're the finders
Original tree climbers
Young fighters, autograph signers
You can say I'm one of the hardest grinders
I run rings around old timers
I ain't sleeping, can't you see I'm peaking?
Wiley's one of the greatest rhymers

[Verse 2: Rage]
See I'm not on a joke ting
Nowadays it's a cut your throat ting
Think I'm joking? Run your boat here
Everybody in the ocean floating
Rage on a long ting? Keep on dreaming
Other MCs try provide the style like I
But they know they're losing
Chat shit, then you're gonna hold a bruising
Body keep moving
Stop that screaming
Thugged-out, no place for a weakling
My crew just keep on beefing
Dun know, big mans we're eating
[?] your wife to my house in a G-string
[?] that we weren't just sleeping
As you grind all night, she was riding
Did you know that your girl was shining bright like a diamond?

[Verse 3: Esco]
He's not the guy, I'll show you why
I'll jack man and push keys like Lewi White
.33 in the fist believe me I wouldn't lie
I'm gonna merk this quick as a beat I kinda like
Level is the east postcode that man a ride
Leytonstone but I rep for certain Leyton guys cuz
If you knew half wagwan you wouldn't hide
Cos you know I wouldn't take your line
Can't you see this? East is where the greaze is
Ducking police and bucking heaters
I got teams that'll run up on your dealers
For boxes and headlocks and three or four eediats
Not a big cheese prick, you don't see shit
I tug lines and block half [?]
With some full tints so you don't see in
Back in the game and I'm raising

[Verse 4: Jammer]
All that badman talk, that's air man
What you really think that's gonna scare man?
Every morning I say a prayer man
So if you wanna shoot me I'm here man
I don't care man
I just go to the rave with bare man
I done the tune of the year man
Even though you don't wanna hear man
Don't ever try chat shit when I'm 'ere man
I'm tryna make it clear like glass
Don't come around here and play the arse
Cock back the ting and blast
And your whole body will be covered in casts
Can't eat no food, you have to fast
Now your rudeboy career's in the past
Some fake badboy what's wearing a mask
You failed the badboy task

[Verse 5: Scorcher]
You flip which bit? Which box? Which half?
You think you shot, stop making me laugh
I ain't wearing a badboy mask
Try it with me you will see who's the badboy last
You're a popstar
Don't sit around like a rockstar
Fronting like you let the shotty blast
On stage with a hundred bodyguards
I roll solo, holding something that will slip through body parts
Don't push me, we ain't cushty, I'm like shh please
Fronting like you live the road life
You ain't stabbed, clapped or [?] up in your whole life
If I heard you was shotting no mash I'd just run up on man with the cold pipe
You got a badboy mask but it's so tight
Act rough cos you got a little road hype

[Verse 6: God's Gift]
Nuff man a rate me, but nuff wanna hate me
True their girlfriends wanna date me
Truly they hate me
When you see me just say it to me
Don't see me and say "safe" to me
But you're afraid of me
Cos what you say to your girlfriend
When you see me you don't say it to me
She wants to lay me
So I will find out what you said cos I'll hear it through the grape tree
I heard something lately, I heard man wanna blaze me
I heard man really wanna grave me, but it's all gravy
Cos nothing don't phase me, I roll with the baby daily
It's right where my waist be, and it stays off safety
And I only aim where your face be
So don't get feisty
Cos you'll D-I-E, no ifs, no buts, no maybe

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