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R-Mean Lyrics

The Infection

The Risin Son

Other Songs

666 God (freestyle)
Akuna Matata
All I Need (lust)
Armenian Emcee Cypher 2014 (Hosted By DJ Base)
Armenian Emcee Cypher 2015
Armenian Emcee Cypher 2016
Armenian Emcee Cypher 2016 - Nazo Bravo
Armenian Potion
Bitch Please
Fake Mutha (Envy)
Far From Heaven
Father In Heaven (7 Deadly Sins Intro)
Humble Warrior
Jurassic Park
King Kong (poundcake freestyle)
Letter To The King
Lost (sloth)
Lost Angels
Love Story (Wrath)
Masks Off (Masquerade Exit)
Nothing Left To Lose
Our Wounds
RapFix 2013 Year-End Cypher
Sick World (Greed)
Swallow Your Pride
Tell Pusha T To Holla At Me (Real Friends Freestyle)
The Way I Am
This Side Of Me
Trizz, R-Mean, Emoney
You're Da Man
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