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"New Shoes"

(ladada ldadada)
I'm living check to check but got rims on the new ride...
(ladada ldadada)
I'm shackled deep in debt but just copped some Jordan 5's...
(ladada ldadada)
I'm living like death but there's a lot more to life..
(ladada ldadada)
Post up . . I am cool, peep the new shoes & hop in the coop
And lets' riiiiiide.......

Young man, young queen you gotta get right
What you take in feeds your purpose, vision and plight/
See what the serphant does is clip your wings and take your flight
So you can’t take flight, and you well grounded/
But you well rounded, so why they call you square?!
Tap into God’s power an extension cord for Civil Rights/
Right fist high, modern version of John Carlos
Running on tracks with a purpose to bring stars closer/
I am worth more than fresh kicks
And so thankful for God’s favor I’m blessed with/
I see an entry sign and I envision an exit
In a place where being black, make the cops pull your car over/
I wanna make change, I’m one of God’s seeds
Your kicks are expensive but are your bars free?/
I wonder if Pete would have survived if he knew the truth
But instead my dude died over some new shoes…

Many little kids they literally came from nothing
So they overcompensate and make something and try to stunt with it/
But why waste paychecks trying to prove a point
When in the long run our family & children are still struggling/
Make ya bread , but stay righteous when you live
Before them vintage Jordan 5's cop some diapers for your kids/
There's a higher authority which is aligned with priorities
That's why rappers making fame off making it rain bore me/
Take your time young queen, you are worth more than one night
And smoking is not attractive princess so get your lungs right/
I know you frustrated single mom, but treat your son right
So when he grows up and shine light and that sun (son) bright!/
And teach your daughter that she should get married first
And that her body is a temple created with a rare worth/
This is for the poor girls embarrassed when they go to school
Your innocence is worth more than a pair of new shoes....

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