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"Breathe $oft"

[Intro: Lord $moke]
Niggas bouta be sick when this tape drop nigga
Nigga F Gang nigga
Fuck you other niggas bang nigga?

[Hook: Lord $moke]
Ridin round Tha Town with my heat on
RiP and North Effect yeah pussy nigga we on
Its ice cold in these streets so I keep my heat on
Dose Fam Eark Killah till im 6ft deep that is what I be on
I keep my heat on
I keep my heat on
In the field I move slow... And breathe soft
Yea breathe soft w my heat on
Yea breathe soft w my heat on
Yea breathe soft w my heat on
Yea breathe soft w my heat on

[Verse 1: Lord $moke]
I be lurkin through these streets with my heat on
Pussy nigga be gone
Ahead of u by pions
EBK murder shit that is really what I be on
Its a cold world in these street I get my ski on
While hella niggas freeze up guess they turned the heat off
But me I won't fold up I ain't no Mac Book
I wack a nigga turn him to a zombie like Flatbush
Yea boy im that good
That hood
Real nigga I dont act hood
Twist Vegaz not Backwoods
Whole squad spark more than a match book
Life is a bitch I got her on lock juss like a bad crook
I got yo man mad shook
Niggas want beef well im the damn cook
Tryna bring home the bacon get yo ham cooked
Try to steal my stuff, make 1 call, and then I get your hands took
Smith & Wesson snap back like rubber bands
And you know these other niggas is doin the Runnin Man
HoGGin N DoGGin I'm just tryna run a pack
I hand it off to the Lil Hitta and he gon run it back
Thats just how it is I did 13 months and touched down now I'm feelin kinda like a Runnin Back
And u know that it ain't nun man
Eark Fam ain't nun man
We come through and we bustin man
And them niggas ain't even bustin back

[Hook: Lord $moke]

[Verse 2: Juice]
Breathe Soft with my heat on
Lookin for a bad bitch to lean on
EK, FSG, EBK, 39, niggas ain't safe at home base
I don't play
Rock with a 40, shoot about 30
Damn, thought I was Stephen Curry
RiP Gang, niggas get buried
For actin scurry
My nigga I ain't worried
Juice nigga, I know you niggas heard of me
Hop out on yo bitch ass like a burglary
Told Lil Bro niggas ain't who they pretend to be
Gotta treat em like a friendemy
I don't trust shit unless its comin from tha family
So I'm rockin with a whammy
Until that shits jamming
I hope they understand me
Runnin shit over like a stampede

[Hook: Lord $moke]

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