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Stephen Schwartz

"Ain't it Good"

[MAMA NOAH, spoken]
Thank God, the stars are still in the sky! I thought they drowned with everything else...

Oh, look out there
In the eastern sky
Is that a hint of light
Oh, come and look
I need to know
If I am seeing right

We lived so long in dark
I'm almost frightened to believe
Those clearing skies on
That glistening horizon please
Tell me my eyes
Do not deceive me

Ain't it sweet
To smell the morning
In a world washed fresh and clean
Now the storm has left it's warning
And we see, we see a hint of green

Pale grey light
Grow strong and golden
And release us from our pen
Where we rocked for endless days
On a sea of endless greys
Now we sing a song of praise

Ain't it good
Ain't it good now
Ain't it good to see the sun again

When my ears (when my ears)
Were filled with thunder (they were filled with thunder)
And when my soul (and when my soul)
Began to shake (when my soul began to shake)
There were times (there were times)
I'd truly wonder (I would truly wonder)
If those clouds (those dark and gloomy rain clouds)
Would ever break (If those clouds would ever break)

But no storm (but there's no storm)
Would last forever (no storm can last forever)
Though we felt (we felt so helpless then)
So helpless then

Now we raise a joyful chant
For a glimpse of olive plant
Haven't seen one since I can't
I can't remember when (can't remember when it felt so good)

Ain't it good (when skies are clearing)
Oh, ain't it good (now our hearts begin to dance)
Our hearts are dancing
And now (and now our hopes are reappearing)
So good (since we've been granted a second chance)
We've got a second chance

And for now (and for now)
We're done with fearing (we are done with fearing)
We might be (we thought we'd be the final generation)
The final generation
In a dawn that's new and fresh
Open wide this floating crest
And deliver every precious specimen
(Ain't it good, ain't it good)
Ain't it good now
Ain't it good to see the sun again
My Lord

After all the nights we stood
Smelling rain and gopher wood

Ain't it good

To see the sun again

Oh, ain't it good
To see the shining golden sun again

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