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Common Market

"Red Leaves"

(Verse 1: Ra Scion)
Hear that? They speakin’ through me when the channel is clear
N’ we got so much to tell you that you can not bare
For security, I word it in proverbial form
When just a glimmer turned disturbed about a third of your dorm
What they pawnin’ for accelerants to excellence
Will be a lesson in free trade. Let em eat cake for breakfast
It’s better we put a bullet in the press and shoot the messenger
To send one back, in defense of the attack
Second chapter drafted by the masterful son
For those with hatchets and guns, askin’ “what has to be done?”
What you become through the process is seminal to
The progress of the policy we institute
As it’s told, the goal is nothin’ but a milestone
Soon as we annihilate the thrown, we gon’ bring the rank n’ file home
What’s sewn now flower when the child’s grown. Presently dial-tone connect
Let it be known, you not alone

Silent brigade play the fan fare
You mountin’ up or you gon’ stand there?
Saddle in n’ tie it tight
Fighters of the right are ridin’ tonight
Inner circle join the outfit
Opposition gettin’ ousted
Darkness ain't gon’ hide you from light
Fighters of the right are ridin’ tonight

(Verse 2: Ra Scion)
Facin’ condemnation ipso-facto
It is no glasnost, the river of cash flows
Damned to churn turbines, can’t discern a word
I’m so deaf, and left with my insight to survive
Born are we defective or perfection in flesh?
I may debate {that} your human nature
Is the product of the place of your rest
Not to suggest we ground in fallibility
But tread upon it when steppin’ inside impalpability
My shadow fill me up with fear, cup shallow
Make it easy on em, deepenin’ more often now to see the bottom
I solemnly swear to god I’m wallowin’ in mire
Consequent to my desire, fully competent to rectify a
Misstep. Rip a stitch in your fishnet
The mutinous move in this, who the midshipmen of kismet
Land ho! A dead jam restriction on my vocab
Photographed pose slow the rolls of the nomads
My militarism menace imperialism, we give a minute to kill em
Millin’ about without a mission. Listen
Argue and quibble, the archetypical cure’s yours
Heart in you brittle, the arc in the sickle bores forth
You pen a bill, n’ you better get familiar
Really though what they spent on that fence around the basilica’s
Senseless. Indigenous citizens stripped of privilege
His imminent demise, immigrants arise


(Verse 3: Ra Scion)
The truest opportunists thrive in the maelstrom
And peddle logic of pedagogues, theodicy failed em
The grant of a planned economy with stars in them eyes
Behind the bars laws to keep the prophet marginalized
The market supply’s entirely outta sync with the demand
The cost/price analysis invalid and banned
Establish a brand, slap a tag of filth in the inseam
Power to the plant, stream filter the benzine
Chuck call it hustlin’ culture, brother spoke to the
Frustrated folkers, they focused. Now they’re phonin’ their brokers
How the go from the brokest to the dopest, lotus whip is
So the shit. “Don’t trip, you can chauffer this.”
And when it stop, what you got to show for this?
Silver go to Tonto with all the other the other metals in the console
Mobbin’ on the comptroller, holdin’ my thang
If it’s over we goin’ out wit’ a bang boy!


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