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George Strait

"Easy As You Go"

[Verse 1]
He saw her after school sipping on a coke
Acted like a fool, cracking crazy jokes
She turned his motor on, man his heart was gone
Fire down below, easy as you go

Easy as you go, steady as you fly
Keep it in the road, keep an eagle eye
Turn it on a dime, man you never know
Take a little time, whoa, easy as you go

[Verse 2]
Graduation night, out behind the stands
In the fading light he became a man
She discovered love better be enough
'Cause baby's gonna grow, easy as you go


[Verse 3]
Judgmental frowns, teacher's lookin' down
Parents all ashamed, passing out the blame
They got a little room, service station view
The rents too high, pay's too low, whoa, easy as you go

[Verse 4]
Ain't nothing like a daughter or a son
To make a mama old and keep a daddy young
Make a body dream and give a life a theme
Take the highs and the lows, whoa, easy as you go
Easy as you go

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