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Khia Lyrics

QueenDomCum (2016)

MotorMouf Aka Khia Shamone (2012)

Other Songs

Ah Ha
Be Your Lady (Khia clean radio edit)
Been A Bad Girl
Don't Trust
Don't Trust No Nigga
Don't trust no niggas (feat. dsd)
F Dem Other Hoes (feat. DSD)
For My King (Tribute to the Black Man)
Fuck Dem Fuck Niggaz
Fuck Dem Other Hoes
Fucking Me Tonight
Get It And Go (Skit)
Going To Georgia
Hater (Skit)
Hit Him Up (YG Diss)
I Know U Want It
I Know You Want It
I've Been Called a Bitch
Insufficient Funds
Jealous Girls
Like Me
My Neck And My Back
My Neck My Back (dirty Version)
My Neck, My Back
My Neck, My Back (Lick It) - Radio Version
My Pussy
My Swag
Next Caller
Put That Pussy On His Ass
Remember Me
Respect Me
Respect me (Skit)
Scooter (skit)
Shit On Me (Skit)
Snatch the Cat Back
So Excited
Taz (skit)
Taz II (Skit)
The K-Wang
We Were Meant to Be
We Were Meant To Be (Featuring Markus Vance)
We Were Meant To Be"(feat. Markus Vance
What They Do
You Deserve It
You My Girl
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