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"Fast Times"


Yeah, JETS Nigga

[Mumbling] " these fast times at Ridgemont Fly " X3
YEAH,yeah, YEAH, Jets nigga Where haven't we been

Niggas thought that I would of fell off by now, but i didn't
I never run out of lyrics, I never run out of bitches
I never lost a race after I bought my crate engine,
Never forget a face, but names I don't remember sometime
Unless the Pussy was bomb, I gotta fly Asian model
She look like Mulan, she tattooed a airplane on her forearm
To show her dedication, you fuckin with the planes Ma
Can't fuck with them lames now, them niggas small change now
Ain't it different over here, ain't my diamonds way more clear
Them losers wifing prostitutes like Richard Gear in Pretty Woman
I just keep it movin in my retro number 3s, you remember the royal blue ones
I show you how to do it, rock quality selvedge, none of my sneakers got blue streaks on em'
Bumpin Notorious Big - Warning , hold on I hear somebody comin'


I am that man from the interstates, doin' one seven eight
Bathing Apes to the pedal, I am on another level
Black on black insides hell yeah I'm in the dark
Four four bulldog full I will let it bark
Light tints, no incense, just weed smoke
Feelin like I'm ridin on water in the speed boat
Top back, gun cocked, just incase a hater run up on me
Bet this zombie gonna stop him like a stopwatch
I roll through every hood hell yeah I'm good
If not, i will make it jump like hopscotch
No doubt niggas, know bitches, know 'Celo
The definition of a nigga raised by the ghetto
Niggas say I been around, I say I'm a be around
Good smoke keep high, you will never see me down

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