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Viper (Brazil) Lyrics

Other Songs

8 de Abril
A Cry From the Edge
A Face in the Crowd
Acid Heart
At Least a Chance
Coma Rage
Coming From the Inside
Crime na Cidade
Dance of Madness
Day Before
Dead Light
Far and Near
God Machine
I Fought the Law
I Wanna Be Sedated
If I Die by Hate
Intro (Brazil) / Coming From the Inside
Killera (Princess of Hell)
Killing World
Knights of Destruction
Law of the Sword
Living for the Night
Lucinha Bordon
Makin' Love
Na Cara do Gol
Não quero Dinheiro
Not Ready to Get up
Pictures of Hate
Prelude to Oblivion
Quinze Anos
Rebel Maniac
Signs of the Night
Silent Enemy
Soldiers of Sunrise
Somebody Told Me You're Dead
Still the Same
Straight Ahead
The Last Song
The One You Need
The Shelter
The Spreading Soul
The Whipper
Theatre of Fate
To Live Again
Wasted Again
We Will Rock You
Wings of the Evil
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