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  • They

  • Who made up all the rules?, We follow them like fools, believe them to be true, don't care to think them through.., Im sorry, so sorry, Im sorry it's like thi, Im sorry, so sorry, Im sorry we do thi, And its ironic to, Cause what we tend to d, Is act on... They lyrics »
  • Stay Now

  • Daylight comes, daylight come, and you've gotta g, Breaks my heart, breaks my hear, to have to watch you goWish I knew, wish I kne, when you'll be back agai, However long, it's just too lon, until we meet agai, Stay now, stay no, just a little mor, Coz... Stay Now lyrics »
  • Flying High

  • You can't know, oh n, you can't kno, how much I think about you, n, It's making my head spi, Looking at youand you are looking at m, and we both know what we wan, hmmm, so close to giving i, Feel so nic, oh yeah you feel so nic, wish I could spend the... Flying High lyrics »
  • Wish I

  • Baby, you're sailing toda, Baby you're sailing awa, Sugar, wish I could go to, But honey you kno, I'm happy for yo, Wish I, I wish I, I wish , Wish I was going to, Baby, your ship has come i, Baby, adventures will begi, Sugar, don't you worry ‘bout m,... Wish I lyrics »
  • Just A Ride

  • (Inspired by Bill Hicks, Life, it's ever so strang, It's so full of chang, Think that you've worked it outthen BAN, Right out of the blu, Something happens to yo, To throw you off cours, and then yo, Breakdow, Yeah you breakdow, Well don't you breakdow... Just A Ride lyrics »
  • Falling For You

  • Said there'd be no going bac, Promised myself I'd never be that sa, Maybe that's why you've come alon, To show me, it's not always badCoz I can feel it, bab, I feel like I'm falling for yo, But I'm scared to, let g, I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt... Falling For You lyrics »
  • Missing You

  • (In loving memory of PJ Matthews, I wish this could b, a happy son, But my happiness disappearedthe moment you were gon, Don't think I ever believed that, this day would com, Now all I'm feelin, is lost and num, And ohhh I know I promise, Mmmm that I would... Missing You lyrics »
  • Save Me

  • Save me save me save me woo, I've gotta stop my min, Working overtim, It's driving me insaneIt will not let me liv, Always so negativ, It's become my enem, Save me ah ah save me ah a, save me ah woo, Save me ah ah save me ah a, save me ah woo, Why would... Save Me lyrics »
  • 24

  • Been given 24 hours, to tie up loose ends, to make amend, His eyes said it all, I started to fall, and the silence deafene, Head spinning round, no time to sit down, just wanted to, run and run and ru, Be careful they say, don't wish life away,, now I... 24 lyrics »
  • Come On Closer

  • Come on close, I wanna show yo, What I'd like to d, You sit back no, Just relax nowI'll take care of yo, Hot temptation, Sweet sensation, Infiltrating throug, Sweet sensation, Hot temptation, Coming over yo, Gonna take it slow bab, Do it my wa, Keep your... Come On Closer lyrics »
  • Finally Woken

  • Finally Woken, Finally Woke, I've been thinking ‘bout thing, For a long whil, I'm feeling so calmI've got a big smil, I have a view of the su, Right over the se, And now I can fee, Life is flowing through m, You see I've finally woke, From a long slee... Finally Woken lyrics »